Live Chat Support Script

Multiple Operators and Multiple Websites!

Provide live support and monitor all your websites from one WEB-application. This allows your organization to use one Live Chat Support Script account to support multiple websites with the same Operators! Visitor Information Live Chat Support Script enables you to have a 360 degree view of your website visitors, including name, status, current page, Geo info, IP address, browser type, etc. Basic setup includes simple online registration and placing of the chat button code or link on your website pages.

Enjoy the benefit of unlimited operators!

 We are not priced “per operator” or “per user”. It’s only $20 for an unlimited number of operators and users. This includes free upgrades. 1 operator? 10 operators? 100 operators? Doesn’t matter. Our Live Help software features unlimited departments and unlimited operators. You can use your chat script on any number of web pages or different websites without any additional costs.

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Website Live Chat Script Source code:
Full source code – php-files are not encrypted and you can modify the PHP source code and make your own custom changes!
You can even modify the code and remove our copyright notices so your clients will not know that you bought the product from another company.

Here is what you need:

   * A standard web server that supports PHP and MySQL

That’s all. Live Chat Support Script does not require any specific server technology. You will get the full source code (no libraries, no binaries, the complete and full source code!). We do not have any domain or website licenses. With a single program purchase you can use Live Chat Support Script on any website that you have. You can also remove our company details.



100% Web-Based Version

    • Your company logo
    • URL of your website
    • Chat Icon Customization
    • Company title
    • Title in the chat window
    • Allow secure connections (SSL)
  • Enable feature “Ban Malicious Visitors” (Using it you can block attacks from specific IPs)
    • Enable “Pre-chat survey”
    • Ask visitor e-mail
    • Call Back & Call Back History
    • Show initial question field
    • Allow secure connections (SSL)
    • Enable “Popup dialog notification of the new visitor”
  • View/Manage Feedback left by Visitors.

Why Live Chat Support Script from Zebra-Media ?

No technical expertise require all time

No More Updating and Upgrading Nightmares

Automatic upgrades and new features

Start immediately

Full source code

Servers in your organization are incompatible with the application you wish to use and do not support the application of your choice

Low bandwidth or no bandwidth on your servers

No more server maintenance and data warehousing/backup woes.

Inadequate technical human resources at your end to manage your servers


Chatting with your visitors

Easy Integration with Your Web Site

No Software Installation Required

No Visitor Log-in or Sign-up Required

One to One Text Chat with web site visitors

Chat History Pop-up on Initiating Chat

One Support Operator can Accept Multiple Chat Request

Pre-written or Standardized Responses

File Transfer during chat

Leave Message form (if support operators offline)

Multiple Support Operators Sharing Chat Session, Operator to Operator Chats

Customize Pre & Post Chat form

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Realtime Visitor Monitoring

Visitor Information Live Chat Live Help enables you to have a 360 degree view of your website visitors, including name, status, current page, Geo info, IP address, browser type, etc:

Visitor List

Monitor Website Traffic in Real-time

Friendly Invitation

Geo Location Map

Chat History of every visitor comes to your website


Browser details

Referring URL

Block IP Address, Ban Visitors

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Customization and Branding

Company Banner/Logo. Upload your own images in the chat dialog box for a completely branded user experience.

URL of your website. Destination for you company name or logo link.

Chat Icon Customization

Chat Invitation Customization

Visitor Messenger Customization

Window size and toolbars hiding

Canned Messages. Save your most common messages for greeting and signing off, etc. This saves time wasted on composing, poor grammar and embarrassing spelling mistakes by operators.

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Setting Control and Preferences

Live Support Through more than One Department

Department Based Chat Session

Show visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status

Maximum waiting time by visitor in queue

Geolocation window options. Window size and toolbars hiding.

Visitor’s identifier. How to build visitor identifying string from {name}, {id} or {addr}. Default: {name}

Title in the chat window. Name of your company for example.

Allow secure connections (SSL)

Enable “Pre-chat survey”. Forces user to fill out a special form to start chat.

Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator.

Allow visitor to choose Department.

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Traffic Stats and Reporting

Complete Visitor Statistics Log (Application keeps track of visitors even if all support operators are off-line)


Visits’ summary

Visits’ details

Traffic charts

Flexible reporting period

Operator Performance

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Supervising and Other Features

Administrative and Operator Privileges

Administrator Chat Monitoring and Live Support, Monitoring of Running Chat Session

Operator Profiles

Department Based Chat Session. This enables you to group operators into departments and route visitors to the most suitable operators.

Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator

Leave-a-Message Form. If no operators are available, visitors can send you a message using a simple email interface.

Get chat log automatically via email.

Block selected IP address of visitor

Receive audible and visual notifications when a visitor requests support, another operator needs assistance, a new visitor enters your site, and other events.

Post-Chat Rating. With post-chat rating enabled, visitors can rate operators’ performance and leave comments after chatting.

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Full source code (PHP). Price: $20 Buy Now

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