Chatting with your visitors

Chatting with your visitors

100% Web-Based Version 

Live Chat Support Script has a 100% web-based version which supports a broad range of web browsers on different operating systems, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on.

No Visitor Log-in or Sign-up Required

Live Chat Support Script is an extremely easy-to-use live chat application and requires no login or sign-up from your site visitors. Your site visitors do not have to use any browser plug-ins, chat clients or download any software to use live chat on your website.

One to One Text Chat with web site visitors

Your operator can switch from one chat window to another with a simple mouse click and multi-task in real time. These are not group interactions where your operator interacts with all your customers in a single chat window.

Chat History Pop-up on Initiating Chat

When you initiate a live chat session with a site visitor, a pop-up window appears which shows you details of previous chat sessions with the visitor. This chat history feature allows you to refer to previous chat sessions with the customer currently interacting with you.

 Pre-written or Standardized Responses

As an added feature, you can further customize this canned message by adding your visitor’s name. You can then click on the message of your choice which will automatically copy itself into the chat window. Simply click to send this message. There is no need to type the same message over and over again.

File Transfer during chat

Avoid blocking and deferring important documents sent via email by using File Transfer feature. Your visitors won’t need to switch to other applications to receive your price list, presentation, etc. Files can be transferred from both visitor’s and operator’s sides. But you can disable this possibility for visitors if needed.

Transferable Calls

Unable to answer specific customer’s question? Bring other operators into your chat or hand over conversations to other operators for additional help.

Operator-to-Operator Chats

Initiate chats with other operators in separate chat rooms to request assistance or exchange important information.

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