Realtime Visitor Monitoring

Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring

View visitor’s IP address, host name, country, browser type, pages visited, referrer address, and other information. This information will allow you to better define your marketing strategies. You can invite your site visitors to communicate with you live! Your customer support team is always available to attend to your customers. No unattended calls, no delay in sales and no more pending customer support requests. You can invite your visitors to chat manually or automatically. You can also use auto invitation rules to define who to invite and which invitation to pop up according to your business rules to deliver a highly personalized experience.

Geo-Location Tracking, Visitor Information

Know the “who, what, where” of each and every visitor to your website whether you chat with them or not! The Live Chat Live Help database is regarded as one of the most accurate in the industry. The Geo Location engine shows you the visitor’s country of origin, geographical region, City and State. Operator can analyze the business by other data, such as Geographic Region, Language, Time Zone, Browser.

Block IP Address, Ban Visitors

Operator can easily block IP address of selected website visitors. If there is a specific IP address to which you choose not to provide interactive live chat service, Live Chat Live Help can help you do so. Simply enter the IP address in the appropriate box in the Live Chat Live Help Control Panel and Live Chat Live Help will not display the Chat Icon on your website when it is accessed from that IP address.

Chat History of every visitor comes to your website

When you initiate a live chat session with a site visitor, a pop-up window appears which shows you details of previous chat sessions with the visitor. This chat history feature allows you to refer to previous chat sessions with the customer currently interacting with you.

Such online access to past records improves the quality of the customer service experience and helps new members of your customer support team to become familiar with the customer’s history and buying preferences. Since our live chat solution allows you to access transcripts of previous chat sessions, you can quickly review the log and thus provide premium quality customer care.

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