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Our products:

Zebra Total Video Converter   Free!

Video Chat Recorder   $19.95

Zebra Screen Recorder   $19.95

Webcam Motion Detector   $49.95

Zebra-Media Surveillance System   $49.95


Live Chat Support Script   $20


Affiliate Program:

With our e-commerce service, it is now possible to become a member of our affiliate program. You are proposed to sell our software by means of using your own distribution channels and you will be paid for it! You only have to place a link to this program on your own site. And that is all! You will get 30% for each registration via your site. It costs you nothing! Signing up is easy and free! Becoming an our affiliate is quick and easy. Our affiliate program is managed by BMT Micro, a specialist in software affiliate programs. Ready to Sign Up? Signing up is easy and free, with no obligation to stay around. Just complete the online sign up form, and you will receive detailed setup information via email. You should fill the BMT Micro registration form and set up Zebra-Media Software products in your BMT Micro Control Center. Ready to Sign Up? Our CID is 9448