Supervising and Other Features

Administrative and Operator Privileges

We provide a choice of two types of operators: an Administrative Support Operator and a Support Operator. Administrative Support Operators (Admins) are authorized to add and push URLs, pre-defined responses and add or delete operator access to chat. The operator with administrative privileges on your website can monitor any active chat window and later view the transcripts of the sales or customer service interaction. This feature allows you to work with those chat operators who are under training and need guidance and instruction. Assign rights to Operators that allow them to run reports and configure the call center.

Administrative and Operator Privileges

This enables you to group operators into departments and route visitors to the most suitable operators.

Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator

Sometimes certain Agents/Operators may not be equipped to answer a question. Live Chat Support Script can easily transfer the customer to another Operator. Our Software provides the facility to transfer on-going chat from one operator to another in any department. Our live chat application makes it possible for operators to share customer chat sessions with other operators in real time. You can invite another live chat operator who is an expert in the subject area to participate in the ongoing interaction. Your customers will rate your website highly when they notice that two support representatives can help them at the same time to provide quality customer service.

Leave-a-Message Form

If no operators are available, visitors can send you a message using a simple email interface.

Get chat log automatically via email

Visitors have the option of having the conversation log sent to them via email.

Sound and Visual Alerts

Receive audible and visual notifications when a visitor requests support, another operator needs assistance, a new visitor enters your site, and other events.

Idle Detection

Operator console will automatically switch to “Away” state when your computer remains inactive for some time. Chat button on your website will change to “Offline” even if you forget to log out from the Operator Console.

Post-Chat Rating

With post-chat rating enabled, visitors can rate operators’ performance and leave comments after chatting.

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