Plants vs Goblins 8

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Goblins attack underwater!

Plants vs Goblins version 8 is a fun and original twist on the classic mobile shooter genre. Numerous users are familiar with it and its amazing gameplay and new functions never cease to astound you.
Once more, Green Warriors need to fight for their lands! The goblins have returned but this time they are attacking underwater! Plants are prepared to put up a fierce defense!

What’s new
The goblins decided to attack the underwater plants and you need to protect your underwater world from the invasion of enemies!
The colorful underwater locations of Plants vs Goblins Version 8 have a spectacular modern artistic design. Many surprises await you in this game: pink sand fog, which gives poor visibility; goblin saboteur divers who are dangerous thieves; a goblin queen who can only be defeated with certain weapons; goblins who move on a flying fish and many many others.
This version also has classic, puzzle, and survival modes to meet the hopes of the most demanding players ever. Gamers can choose characters for the epic battle underwater. There are numerous upgrades and items to deal with but no worries – the great help section will instruct you on how to arm and enhance your warriors properly. There is additional information on how to use powerups and boosters as well.

There are stars and coins which you need to collect and spend wisely. You can get stars during the game and coins at the end of each level. This time you can get Star Flowers that produce more stars while you are fighting cunny invaders. With the numerous stars, you can get helpful items and power-ups.

The coins give you the possibility to buy new boosters and equipment in the shop:
– Swordfish kills all the goblins on the lane and is active when touched by enemies;
– Holy leaf activates the special power of plants;
– Clarity potion equips new battle skills;
– Shovel removes the old plant and grows the new one.
You can also get a God hammer, Firefly plant, and many other items to make your game unforgettable. Combine different items to get new, more powerful ones. Plan carefully, because some items, for example Tangle ring, are only available after achieving a certain game level.
The exciting battle scenes, intriguing personalities, and amazing action will undoubtedly fascinate you. To win, you’ll need to demonstrate your exceptional talent, sharp intellect, and superb gaming abilities. Be careful and persistent and you will achieve the most stunning underwater victory over uninvited enemy divers!

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