Space Tower Crush

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Space Tower Crush – the classic tower defense game created to please the most demanding players.
Finding whose Space Tower is the best is the main objective of this game. To make your space tower stronger, you may customize it with a range of weaponry and equipment.
While attempting to destroy space modules (floors) from the opposing tower, you must defend the space modules of your tower. Naturally, enemies won’t take that lightly and will challenge you to a showdown for supremacy. With the right strategy and equipment, you can find a way to become a winner in this great space battle.

Game objectives:
Build your tower with multiple wooden, metal, stone, or gold floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve, and defeat your opponents in fantastic space battles! Come up with your own battle strategy with six unique space warriors (Apollo, Atlas, Orion, Aster, Altair, and Lyra) and extremely powerful weapon types (Machine Guns, Cannons, Flame Guns, Rockets, Tesla or Plasma weapons). With more than 100 levels and colorful locations, every battle will feel like a different experience. Are you ready to crush your enemy’s tower?

How to play:

Touch one of your tower floors to select it, then, tap one of the enemy floors that you’ve targeted. Touch multiple tower floors to select them at once. Pay attention to the power-up icons when they appear near your tower to use power-ups like a shield, ice or poison attack, and more. Also keep your eye on the energy bar of your tower, which indicates how intact your tower is at the end of each battle.

You’ll earn gold by completing levels. Collect your coins in the course of the game to buy different upgrades and powerups in the shop. This is where you can add floors to strengthen the tower, upgrade them, and equip them with the weapons of your choice. Moreover, adding such powerups as Thunderstorm, Tornado or the Rain of Fire will make your team completely unstoppable!
Forward, for glory and honor, to new victories!

Get it on Google Play
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