Plants vs Goblins 7

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Meet yet another chapter of the highly addictive well know game Plants vs. Goblins! The continuation of the popular game features more captivating visuals for each plant soldier and nasty goblin warrior. Moreover, the addictive gameplay includes numerous tricks and strategy levels for astute players.

What’s new?
Magical plant breeding is the foundation of this new game chapter. To make stronger warriors that will keep the goblins away from your house, you must combine warrior plants.
For instance, you can merge, improve, and produce stronger plants through magical breeding:
Tomato + Tomato = Carrot (level 1)
Carrot + Carrot = Eggplant (level 2)
Eggplant + Eggplant = Chilli Pepper (level 3)
Chilli Pepper + Chilli Pepper = Potato (level 4)
Potato + Potato = Pea (level 5)
Pea + Pea = Red Onion (level 6)
Red Onion + Red Onion = White Onion (level 7)
White Onion + White Onion = Broccoli (level 8)
Broccoli + Broccoli = Green Chilli (level 9)
These magical combinations will help you to develop an army of remarkable plants, give them strong armour, and devise the most effective plan of attack to protect your land.

You can additionally enhance your preferred warriors and a special skill system that will enable you to get beyond challenging levels. Furthermore, the game now has new goblin species as well as amusing new goblin self-propelled machines.
More features
To advance to the next level and purchase missiles, retarders, weapons of mass destruction, and new or upgraded plants, you have to earn and save coins.

Do not worry if you will fail the level on your first try – the outcome of your work will stick with you for your subsequent tries to succeed. Try our new game today! Enjoy colourful locations, funny characters, and challenging battles!

Here’s a hint: the rocket button in the top menu (“Booster Shop”) will help you pass even the most difficult levels.

Good luck!

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