Setting Control and Preferences

Live Support Through more than One Department

Department(s) This enables you to group operators into departments and route visitors to the most suitable operators. You can create multiple operator groups and grant specific permissions to each operator group. Operators can be assigned to several departments to maximize productivity and improve quality of service. If the customer chooses preferred department on the start chat form, only operators assigned to that department will receive the call. You can set up operator accounts in such a way that one chat operator is assigned to more than one department. Customer can decide that which department they want to go (i.e. sales department or technical support department etc.)

SSL Secure Chat

Conduct chats about sensitive information through industry-strength 256-bit secure connections. A Live Support button can also be placed on secure pages of your website. SSL-based codes are placed on appropriate web pages to secure them. All chat sessions are then initiated from secured and coded pages through a secured connection. This feature is critical when the chat interaction on your website happens to be of a confidential nature.

Pre-chat survey

Forces user to fill out a special form to start chat.

Graphics Customization at the Departmental and Page Level

If your sales and customer support teams, for instance, have their own separate departmental chat windows, you can customize their online or offline status graphics individually to suit the theme and nature of the service being provided. This ensures that your customers and site visitors know right away whether or not live chat service is available from that particular department.

Internal Operator Chat

Communicate with other Operators within your organization via a private chat room. Accessible only by your personnel, this channel is useful to exchange information and communicate with employees who are in separate departments and/or remote offices. When Operators log on, they are automatically loaded into the Operator chat room.

Away Mode

When you are on break, or away from your computer, you can leave Chat on away mode that will prevent visitors from chatting with you. You can still monitor traffic, receive chat transfers, and request proactive chats while in away mode.

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