Plants vs Goblins 3

Peace has reigned over the verdant fields of the Garden Kingdom for several years following the Second Great Goblin War. While the greenhouses have been rebuilt and the nurseries flourish with budding new citizens, the remnants of war remain in the tales of grizzled veterans telling stories over a glass of fertilizer and dust covered outposts that remain ever vigilant for the threat of goblins from sky and land.

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The illusion of peace that the plants had hoped would last forever was burst one sunny afternoon day when the guards at a border outpost found themselves frozen in place by a strange looking goblin crackling with an arcane blue glow. Seconds later a goblin moving faster than any they had seen before came in and destroyed the outpost, laying it to waste and clearing the way for the marching hordes that followed over the horizon.

War has come again to the Garden Kingdom, with greater threats and more powerful goblins than they’ve ever faced before. But all is not lost, in the time of peace new friends have joined the Garden Kingdom, prickly cacti, fiery Chili Peppers, deadly Dahlias and more all stand with our old heroes to drive the vile threat back to where it came from.

In this newest edition of Plants and Goblins You’ll find:
• New Cactus, Chili, Dahlia, Pear, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Tomato, and Tulip Garden Warriors
• Vicious new mad goblin and freeze goblin enemies.
• Upgradeable special Skills including Heavy Rockets, Freezing, Bombs, and more!
• A mysterious benefactor known as the Botanist who can’t fight or defend… but has secrets to share.
• An endless array of diverse quests that will have you swimming in gold and gems!
• Multiple Free Rewards A day
• A comprehensive library containing information about all your goblin foes!

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